25 Gorgeous Embellished Wedding Shoes Ideas

25 Gorgeous Embellished Wedding Shoes Ideas

    Embellished wedding shoes just like embellished wedding gowns are timeless and will never go out of style. Such shoes are sure to make a statement and accent your bridal style, you may choose various designs, looks, colors and styles. Let’s take a look at the coolest ideas!


    If you feel like wearing shoes or heeled sandals, choose them with embellishments. These can be strappy heels with embellishments on the straps, stilettos with embellished backs, embellished toes or other parts. You may find completely embellished wedding shoes, heeled sandals with only embellished tops and much more. There are all kinds of styles from vintage to ultra-modern, and different colors from nudes to bold blues or reds. Everything here depends on the look you wanna create and your personal wedding style.

Booties And Flats

    If you are a fashion-forward bride, think of wearing gorgeous embellished booties. They can be laser cut and completely embellished or sheer with large embellishments on the top or any other parts. Feel like having more comfort? Choose embellished wedding flats as the main shoes or as a second pair for the reception. Sparkle all day long!

by Mia

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