43 Awesome Winter Wedding Gloves And Mittens To Die For

Awesome Winter Wedding Gloves And Mittens To Die For

    Gloves and mittens are cool accessories for fall and winter brides because with the help of them you can make a contrast, highlight your wedding style and just look so sweet! Just look what I’ve found, girls!
    Yeah, traditional long gloves – with fingers and without – are great for romantic brides and for those who have chosen vintage style for their big day. Lace or silk ones are preferable, they can complete any gorgeous bridal look in case you choose them carefully. But if your gown is embellished, sequin or just with lots of details, choose just simple gloves otherwise your look will be abundant.
    Short silk gloves are classical, they are ideal for retro and vintage outfits, lace or not, with cuts out and without – they are cool!
    If you are having a rustic affair, if you just wanna accentuate that your big day is a winter one or wanna look cozy and cutie – choose crochet or knit mittens with different patterns or of contrasting colors. You can buy or make them yourself, or even take them from your mom or granny – remember of something borrowed?
    A fur muff is a trendy variant for the daring brides, it’s actual for a classically beautiful wedding gown and for Russian winter wedding style – for the latter some dark fur for contrast is better.
    For a holiday wedding you’ll love rhinestone mittens or a pair of red ones – a great hint on Christmas, ha?

by Chloe

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