24 Edgy Greenery Wedding Bouquets To Rock

24 Edgy Greenery Wedding Bouquets To Rock

    Non-flower weddings are popular now, and more and more couples prefer greenery and no blooms. Greenery wedding decor is amazing for modern, minimalist and many other types of weddings and looks fresh and outstanding – while you see flowers at most of weddings, yours can be unique with no blooms. If you have chosen this idea, you’ll need some greenery wedding bouquets, too, and I’ve prepared a whole bunch of them for you! Let’s take a look.

Cascading Greenery Bouquets

    A cascading greenery wedding bouquet will look really eye-catchy and bold, use any greenery you like and just arrange it in a cascading way or use vines to create a cascade. Add succulents and air plants for an edgy feel, go ferns for a texture, try various kinds of foliage – texture and shape are exactly what will make your bouquet more special.

Greenery Bouquets

    Rock a eucalyptus wedding bouquet for a minimalist or modern look or add pampas grass and foliage for a trendy touch. If you are getting married in Italy, try an olive branch wedding bouquet and add some herbs. Go for succulents and air plants, which will make your bouquet more special and eye-catchy or play with textures using various types of foliage. Be bold!

by Chloe

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