25 Edgy Statement Earrings Ideas For Brides

25 Edgy Statement Earrings Ideas For Brides

    Statement wedding accessories have always been popular but now they are on top more than ever before. If you wanna add a bit of edge to your bridal look, statement earrings are right what you need, and I’ve prepared a whole bunch of gorgeous ideas! Ready to dive in? Let’s do it!

Boho Statement Earrings

    If you are a boho bride, which is super trendy right now, you definitely need some cool accessories to complete your look. As for headpieces, go for hats, they are number one now, and as for jewelry – rock fabulous statement earrings. Tassel ones are very trendy but you may also try feathers, fringe and all kinds of weaving for a boho feel.

Modern Statement Earrings

    Modern and minimalist brides can spruce up their outfits with chic modern earrings – with gemstones, pearls and other detailing. Being the trendiest ones currently, tassel earrings exist not only in boho variations but also with a modern and minimalist feel. Choose them in some bright color to make a statement and wow effect is guaranteed!

Glam Statement Earrings

    Going for a romantic, vintage-inspired or glam bridal look? Then prefer glam statement earrings with large rhinestones, pearls, various shiny touches and detailing. Don’t be afraid to rock really large ones if they fit your bridal style, they can make up the whole look! Get inspired, gals, and make your outfit fabulous!

by Chloe

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