9 Summer Wedding Color Combos And 27 Ideas

9 Summer Wedding Color Combos And 27 Ideas

    If you are getting married in the summer, you are probably already preparing for that, choosing themes, styles, colors and much more. Today’s roundup is especially for you: we’ve gathered all the most popular wedding color combos to go for in the summer. Let’s have a look!

Grey and Yellow

    Grey+yellow is a timeless color combo suitable for any season but mostly used in the spring and summer. There are lots of various shades of grey and yellow to try, and you may create contrasting or very tender combos. This is perhaps the most timeless color combo for warm seasons – elegant and simple!

Grey and Lavender/Lilac

    This is a softer color scheme, which is popular for spring and summer nuptials. Most couples choosing it create a tender look with dove grey and lilac to make their wedding very romantic and beautiful. Fresh lilac and fresh lavender are welcome to polish your decor!

Green and White

    Green+white is a great idea when you are hesitating too much about colors and don’t know what to choose or think that you won’t be able to pull that all off. Lush greenery and white flowers are all you need to get super elegant and timeless decor, and you will easily match all the rest.

Grey and Coral/Peach

    This is classics! Those who want a bolder look, choose grey and coral but currently peach is more popular as pastels rule the trends. Soft touches of peach with cream and light grey will be amazing for any spring or summer wedding, and the elegance of this combo wows.

Mint and Gold

    If you love glam, this color scheme is right what you need! A touch of gold glitter and refreshing mint – what can be better for a spring or summer wedding? Actually, this color combo is used throughout the year by those who love glam decor. Fun, bright, refreshing – what else may we need?

Blush/Pink and Blue

    As pastels have become a great trend, more and more couples prefer using blush, dusty pink, light and powder blue, and making your color combo of them is a great idea! whether it’s bold or powder blue, bright pink or soft blush – your wedding will be trendy!

Peach and Mint

    This is another timeless color scheme that keeps being extremely popular. Soft peachy pink and refreshing mint is a great pair that matches perfectly, and rocking them in the spring and summer is amazing. If you want to add a bit more elegance, go for gold touches here and there – a chic look is guaranteed!

Blue and Yellow

    Blue and yellow is a color scheme for summer and late summer weddings that is getting popularity. It’s so cool because of the bold contrast between the two colors, and bright blue shades like ocean or electric blue are the best-working here. If you don’t like it, you can still go for soft blue and yellow shades to add a pastel touch and wildflowers in these shades for your wedding.

Blush and Marsala

    This is a great color scheme for late summer to fall weddings because it features the sweetness of the summer with blush and the bold beauty of the fall with marsala. This is a very elegant color scheme that is gaining more and more popularity, and it will easily fit a chic fall wedding, too. Add touches of gold to make it stand out even more!

by Chloe

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