110 Gorgeous Starry Night Wedding Ideas

Starry night wedding theme is a gorgeous idea that impresses and makes you fall in love at first sight. Showing off exquisite color schemes like navy+gold or navy+silver or black+gold it makes you think of night sky. Such color combos are amazing for any fall or winter wedding, and can be also rocked in other seasons, too. Let’s take a closer look at some gorgeous details of such weddings.

Starry Night Wedding Attire

 If you are a daring bride, rock a gorgeous night sky-inspired wedding dress: it can be navy, black or blue with sparkling copper/silver/gold detailing, here the design isn’t that important, such a dress will make a statement with its color and lush detailing and stars. You may finish off your bridal look with a black leather jacket or a denim jacket with celestial hand painting and calligraphy. Grooms are also welcome to wear navy, and bridesmaids can rock navy sequin gowns with embroidery.

Starry Night Wedding Accessories/ Details

Brides and bridesmaids can always hint on the starry night wedding theme with galaxy nails, star headpieces or navy shoes. A jaw-dropping starry tiara, a gorgeous starry night manicure or a pair of breathtaking navy and silver heels will isntantly make even the most neutral look celestial.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery for a starry night wedding is to reflect the theme and idea of the wedding, stick to the color scheme of your wedding and show off some celestial detailing and contrasting touches. My favorite is starry night seating charts that show moon phases and constellations.

Starry Night Wedding Decor

How to pull off starry night theme in decor? 3D stars and half moons are welcome! Create a stunning wedding ceremony space with a large half-moon and stars or with a navy backdrop sparkling with lights that will symbolize a night sky. Half moon wedding altars are the most popular idea, though you may also try some glowing constellation backdrop with lights and blooms. Make navy luminaries with lights inside, and hang 3D stars over the reception, they will double as decorations and lamps. Opt for navy and blue shades in decor spruced up with glitter and sparkling details.

Wedding Food

Choose a navy, purple, black or blue or all together wedding cake topped with sparkling beads, stars and glitter. Make navy rock candies and order night sky cupcakes with stars, beads and other stuff like that, serve moon and star macarons and give them as favors to make your decor complete. Enjoy!

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