38 Outdoor Wedding Lights Ideas You’ll Love

38 Outdoor Wedding Lights Ideas You’ll Love

    The season of only outdoor weddings is coming closer and closer, and I bet that even now there are a lot of outdoors. It’s high time to decide on your outdoor ceremony spot and venue decor, and of course on the lights because the lights not only keep the spaces illuminated but also create an ambience, and that’s really important for every wedding. This article is dedicated to outdoor wedding lights ideas, let’s consider them all!

String Lights

    This is the most popular option to go for, they can be of different sizes and colors but they all look cool! string lights can create a unique cozy ambience and make the venue inviting, and the ceremony spot a very touching one. You can wrap the trees or arbors with them or hang them over the whole reception in some rows or create a dome. I also love the idea of vertical light clusters, they look cool and unusual. String lights look great with paper lanterns, chandeliers, candle lanterns and other lights, so you have a lot of varieties to try.


    This is a perfect idea if you want to add some glam to the decor and want something gorgeously sparkling. Cool glam chandeliers look great with string lights, so they can become an accent, or you can add a lot of candles on the tables to create a chic ambience.

Other Ideas

    Consider having candles lanterns for a dreamy romantic feel, and if you think that’s not enough, try to add string lights or sphere wrapped with them for an eye-catchy look. Paper lanterns and floating candle holders are another great idea to try, and they won’t break the budget. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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