34 Stylish Masculine Wedding Ideas

Today’s roundup is only for boys, we are discussing fantastic masculine wedding ideas and ways to pull off such a wedding with impeccable taste and style. Let’s begin!

Wedding Attire

I bet you already have a vision of your wedding look but let me inspire you a little bit more with these fantastic outfits! Many grooms prefer suits that somehow match – in color, in design, at least in style. You can also go for matching bow ties and ties and for matching shoes to show off your unity. If you want a special touch to your looks, then floral and feather embellished beards are top!

Wedding Décor

If you want a more masculine feel to the space, go for metallics, for geometry and maybe dark color schemes. Some couples prefer uncovered wooden tables spruced up with potted greenery or cacti and candles, other go for more refined looks with greenery and florals and some metallic touches that are always actual. Here everything depends on your wedding theme and color palette.  

Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake should also match your wedding theme and colors, and it can look anyhow you want but we’ve gathered a couple of cool examples to inspire you. Dramatic black wedding cakes with lights and greenery, geometric wedding cakes and cheese wheel ones for those who don’t love sweets – this is just a part of what you can choose from! Get inspired!

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