30 Stylish Ways To Rock Purple At A Fall Wedding

30 Stylish Ways To Rock Purple At A Fall Wedding

    Ultra violet is the color of 2018 and rocking it this year is super natural. Such an intense color is great to rock in the fall or winter, and here are some ideas to add it to your wedding decor and attire.


    Offer your bridesmaids purple attire – dresses or jumpsuits or ask your groom if he wants to rock a purple suit as a colorful take on something traditional. Rock purple wedding shoes or booties to add a colorful touch to your outfit.


    Think of having a purple wedding bouquet: deep purple blooms can be paired with jewel toned ones, with fuchsia or some other flowers of your choice, it’s an ideal option for a moody wedding bouquet. Refresh it with greenery and herbs and enjoy!

Decor & Stationery

    Rock wedding stationery in purple with gold calligraphy for a refined touch. Decorate your wedding arch with purple and lavender blooms, style your wedding tables with purple table runners, napkins, purple blooms and table runners, add gold for a sophisticated feel.


    Order a purple wedding cake! A cheesecake, a usual cake, a mousse cake, go for trendy brushstrokes, watercolor, geodes, fruits and blooms. Enjoy the saturated colors!

by Chloe

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