28 Eye-Catchy Indigo Wedding Ideas

28 Eye-Catchy Indigo Wedding Ideas

    Indigo is one of the deepest and most chic colors that always looks to the point. It may be used for any wedding decor, from coastal to just boho and backyard, it blends perfectly with white, gold, copper, burgundy and other shades creating rich combos, so today I’d like to show you some of the most beautiful ideas you can incorporate into your big day decor.

Wedding Attire

    Indigo is amazing for grooms’ and groomsmen’s suits – it’s an elegant and modern take on traditional black tuxedos. You can also dress up your gals into amazing indigo bridesmaids’ dresses with various details – deep V necks, open backs, ruffles and so on, the design is up to you and up to them. If you are a daring bride, you can go for an indigo wedding dress, ombre or just usual one, it’s going to make a bold statement.

Table Decor

    Indigo is very popular for dying fabrics, and you can of course choose all the textiles for your table in this shade: a table runner, napkins, tablecloths. Add colored indigo glasses or plates and platters to match the look. Copper or gold cutlery to make the tablescape elegant and chic.

Wedding Cakes

    Rock a gorgeous ombre indigo cake, or a constellation-inspired one with black candles if you are a star-lover. And you can just choose a white cake with indigo decor and toppers if you just love this color.

Wedding Invitations

    If you’ve chosen this beautiful color as your main one or one of your main ones, rock it on your wedding invitations blending it with white, grey, emerald, copper and with cool copper wax seals for a chic touch. Enjoy!

by Chloe

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