27 Romantic Wedding Tree Backdrops And Arches

27 Romantic Wedding Tree Backdrops And Arches

    If you have an outdoor ceremony and there are some trees around, why not incorporate them into your wedding decor? One of the trends that are gaining popularity now is a living tree wedding backdrop or arch – just take a tree and decorate it, very eco-friendly! Here are some ideas how to do that.

Flowers And Greenery

    Cover the tree trunk with fresh flowers and greenery so that they fit your wedding colors and style. They can be bold and bright, of red, fuchsia and pink, or neutral and pastel if you have such a color scheme. You may cover the whole trunk with blooms, or use a couple of garlands, for example, it’s up to you. Such a tree will look spectacular and non-traditional, so we strongly recommend to try one instead of a usual arch.

Lanterns And Lights

    To create a magical ambience, you may go for some lights and lanterns on the tree. Hang vertical bulb clusters to create a unique look, or go for lanterns and candle holders for a softer look, or just try twinkle lights covering the trunk. A large glam chandelier will add a refined touch to the ceremony space. All of these ideas look cool with greenery and flowers, too, so create a backdrop you love.


    Ethereal and semi sheer fabric is great for creating a romantic wedding backdrop, besides, it’s very budget-friendly and can form kind of an arch. Fabric looks nice with greenery, flowers and other decor, too, or you can just leave it as it is. Enjoy!

by Chloe

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