22 Night Wedding Ideas That Strike

22 Night Wedding Ideas That Strike

    Want to have a night ceremony? Thinking over having a night reception or not? Get inspired by the ideas we’ve prepared, and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed and you’ll decide to have it!

Ceremony Spot Decor

    Ceremony spots look so magical at night, just look at them! Lit with candles, lights, unique chandeliers or all of them together, they are sure to impress your guests and make your ceremony more touching. The most adorable spaces are those outside, in the forest or in a garden, where giant trees can be decorated with hanging lights, looks so fairy-tale like!

Wedding Reception And Dance Floors

    Geometric, candle lanterns and lights hanging from above will make your reception special, and your dance floor hotter and more inviting. Consider paper lanterns, which are a cheaper alternative and look no less cool.

Other Ideas

    Take some pics with Chinese paper lanterns, candles, on a swing under a refined chandelier and in the moonlight – the options are endless, embrace the night romance!

by Chloe

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