20 Ideas To Nail A Rainy Day Wedding

    Fall and winter are full of rainy days and in summer rain isn’t that seldom. How to pull off a rainy day wedding so that it looked natural and cool and rain didn’t spoil the whole thing? Here are some ideas and tips that will help you save your wedding.


    Make a flexible timetable, be ready to extend the cocktail hour or moving to the reception from the vows – in case of a heavy rain it’s a good idea. Allow some time while planning your wedding, be ready for everything.


    If you are planning to have your nuptials out, you should always have a plan B: a venue where you may take your reception in case of a rain shower. Have a tent rental at hand and be prepared to confirm the rental and set up the week of the wedding if the forecast looks like rain.

Fighting The Weather

    If it’s a southern location, the rain can be accompanied with heat, so you may give your guests some fans or install them in your tent. If it’s rather cold, ask your vendors if portable heaters are available, and if not, hire some prior to the big day. Consider a coverup for yourself and for your guests to stay comfortable.


    The best wedding favor on such a day is a pack of cool umbrellas! Get creative with this opportunity: give your guests colorful umbrellas if you want a statement in your pics or try transparent ones to see them all very well. Consider a special and chic umbrella for your couple to look wow and to stand out from the crowd.

Accessories And Small Tips

    Put on some rubber boots, they can be cute and a sweet rustic touch to your look saving your gorgeous shoes for the reception. Offer the same boots to your bridal party, to the groom and groomsmen and to everyone else who feels like it. Go for a waterproof mascara and better the whole makeup – even if there’s no rain, you may get some happy tears. If you’re worried about out-of-control humidity hair, consider a beautifully messy bun or a relaxed flower crown. These styles are in trend and perfect for preventing frizz and falling.

by Mia

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