33 Edgy Acrylic Wedding Stationary Ideas

33 Edgy Acrylic Wedding Stationary Ideas

    Using Lucite and clear acryl for wedding decor is a hot trend that is gaining more and more popularity due to the cool modern look it brings. Lucite and acrylic chairs, tables, signs, cards, boxes and just decor are very trendy now, and they fit many wedding styles, from minimalist to industrial. I’d like to pay your attention to one more cool acrylic thing – wedding stationary.


    Sheer acryl wedding invitations with calligraphy look super hot and trendy! White, gold, copper or silver letters will fit perfectly here, and you can also add rhinestones, glitter or pearls. One more chic trend is wedding invitation boxes covered with velvet inside or with fresh petals or leaves and an acrylic invite on top, looks so hot!


    What can be better than a sheer acrylic menu? Such a menu not only brings a trendy modern touch to the tablescape but also looks almost invisible and doesn’t spoil your polished table setting. Order such menus to complete the acrylic wedding stationary, you won’t regret that!

Other Ideas

    You may also take acrylic place cards, escort cards and other details, I’m sure your guests will love them! check out the trendies ideas below!

by Chloe

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