28 Abstract Wedding Stationery Ideas

Wedding stationery is about your wedding – it usually shows off the color palette and the style of the wedding. Abstract wedding stationery is a bold and fresh idea to show off your wedding, let’s find out what weddings it can match and what colors and prints to rock.

What Weddings Can Feature Abstract Stationery?

Abstract wedding stationery is often used for modern and boho weddings – these are extremely popular now and such stationery reflects the ideas of these celebrations very well: it’s bold, colorful and edgy. Such stationery can be used for many wedding locations from tropical to beach ones, and for all the seasons as it’s very universal.

What Colors To rock For Abstract Wedding Stationery?

As for colors, abstract stationery can be done in absolutely any color scheme, so whatever your palette is, it can be shown off on your invites. We usually see very colorful abstract stationery – mustard, orange, blue, pink, yellow, green and red but you may also find some pastel pieces or some very contrasting ones including bold shades and black.

What Prints To Rock For Abstract Wedding Stationery?

Abstract prints and patterns can be watercolors (here you may see such ideas), brushstroke, which is the most popular ideas and many others – there’s a lot of stuff that can be called ‘abstract’. Find your inspiration in work of famous artists of this art direction and make your wedding stationery unforgettable!

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