What Is A Wedding Invitation Suite And 22 Examples

22 What Is A Wedding Invitation Suite And Examples

    We talk about wedding invitation suites and invites, share lots of ideas for different themes and colors but we have never mentioned what a wedding invitation suite is. I decided to correct that and show you what a wedding invitation suite should include.

Must Have Wedding Suite Elements

Save The Dates

    A save the date is a card that should be sent six to eight months before of the event, it should contain the bride and groom’s names, the location and the date. Hint on the wedding style and colors if you’ve chosen them with your save the date, make the piece in some creative way. If it’s a Harry Potter wedding, send letters from Hogwarts as save the dates, if it’s a rustic wedding, use burnt wood slices and so on.


    This is the main and indispensable part of your suite, it should state the bride and groom’s names, the date, time, and location, though you may include some more information. Hint on the style and colors of the wedding, and location to give your guests an idea what to expect.

RSVP Cards

    RSVP is ‘repondez-vous, s’il-vous-plait’, which means ‘answer, please’ in French. This card will help you to count how many guests will come, so you’ll be able to give more information to caterers and suppliers.

Reception Cards

    If you are going for a destination wedding or just a wedding in some other place, this is a necessary card. It should give have the starting time of the reception, the address of the venue, and the ending.

Optional Wedding Suite Elements

Direction Cards

    If your guests come from other places or countries, or if you are all going to some place for a destination wedding, help your guests find the ceremony venue and the reception site with a direction card.

Hotel Information Cards

    This card is necessary for the out-of-town guests. It will give information about the hotels in the place, or information about the hotel rooms that you’ve already booked for them.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

    If you are going to have one, send such invites to everyone in your bridal party, immediate family, and any out-of-town guests.

Bridal Shower Invitations

    Though the bridal shower is usually several weeks before the actual wedding, many brides prefer to send these invitations with their invitation suite beforehand to keep the girls aware. So do please, if you want to.

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