20 Tender Pastel Wedding Stationery Ideas

20 Tender Pastel Wedding Stationery Ideas

    Wedding stationery is an important part of your wedding: it will show the colors and style of your wedding, give various instructions, for example, how to get to the location, and include various necessary information. Today’s roundup is for those who are going for a pastel wedding and want the stationery to reflect that.

Blue Shades

    Coastal, beach, ocean weddings are often announced with blue invitations but you can also try blue shades for other types of weddings, too. Pale, dusty, light blues look very refreshing and romantic, and you may blend them with neutrals, a raw edge, calligraphy and even kraft paper to create a light contrast. For a beach wedding, add acrylic parts, too – they look chic and modern.

Pink Shades

    Blush, dusty pink, light pink and other shades of this beautiful color are welcome for summer and spring! Shades of pink are very tender and they can be combined with neutrals or greys for a chic and soft touch. Calligraphy, floral lining and a raw edge will add a romantic feel.

Other Shades

    Other pastel shades may include grey, green, lilac and various combos of all the colors stated above – grey and green, lilac and pink, blue and blush and so on. Add gold leaf, frames and calligraphy to highlight your stationery, and voila!

by Mia

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