Wedding Appetizers: 21 Tasty Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

    Mushrooms can become a cool base for delicious appetizers – fill them with tasty paste and voila! They are budget-savvy and suitable for every taste, depending on the filling. Here the main challenge is to cook the filling – it can be fully vegan, with various kinds of cheese, chorizo, sausages, (more…)

Wedding Appetizers: 24 Easy Deviled Eggs Recipes

    Eggs can become a great appetizer if they are deviled! Deviled eggs are a budget-savvy and tasty starter that will surprise your guests easily. Choose a filling or make a whole variety of fillings: pickled onion and cucumbers, bacon, feta, cream cheese, turkey, chicken, herbs, lobster, shrimps…

Wedding Appetizers: 25 Tasty Fall Crostini Recipes

    We’ve already shared some fall wedding appetizer ideas, and many of you, our dear readers, asked for DIY recipes to make them. Of course, we are here to help you! The first roundup dedicated to the fall wedding appetizers is about crostini that you can easily make yourself. Interested? Then head (more…)