38 How To Incorporate Fall Leaves Into Your Wedding

    Preparing for your autumn nuptials? Beautiful colored fall leaves are an amazing way to highlight the season and add a cozy charming vibe to your wedding. You can use them for decorating the aisle, the chairs, the arch; add leaves to your bouquet and your girls’ bouquets, to boutonnieres, to placemats (more…)

50 Ways To Incorporate Kraft Paper Into Your Wedding Decor

    Kraft paper is great for any sorts of crafts, and as effortless decor is in trend now, you just need use kraft paper in your decor. Use it as a table runner or placemats – it’s very budget-friendly and you can write some messages to your guests. Kraft paper is number (more…)

32 Ways To Incorporate Pears Into Your Wedding

    Pears are a cute symbol of fall, just like pumpkins and apples and they can add originality to your decor because not many couples choose them. Pears are a tasty dessert or favors – just cover them with chocolate, caramel or nuts, and voila. Pears can be also a great decoration (more…)