40 Delicious Marshmallow Ideas For Your Engagement Or Big Day

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows is right what we need on these chilly or cold days. Marshmallows can be a fantastic treat at any time including your big day or engagement – you can display them on your dessert table, pack and give as favors or even create a whole s’mores bar. (more…)

Wedding Desserts: 20 Delicious Cupcakes With Stunning Looks

    Your big day is coming, and you are still not sure about desserts to make? Cupcakes are tasty classics that every wedding needs because they are small and delicious and you can bake various ones to choose from. As it’s a very special day, everything should be awesome… foodinspirasi.com

45 Delicious One-Tier Wedding Cakes To Get Inspired

    The weddings are going to everything individual, small and multiple because this way you are sure to please everyone, especially if we are talking about food. Individual and one-tier wedding cakes are one of the hottest modern trends because they allow you to choose various fillings and toppings according to the (more…)