40 Cute Valentine’s Day Wedding Bouquets

    Every bride needs a bouquet, and a Valentine’s Day one is really something special. Here red roses are just beyond competition, you can take a bunch or just one and you’ll look stylish and gorgeous, whatever wedding style you choose. You can take any other flowers and combos you like and (more…)

Pantone’s 2015 Color: 100 Marsala Wedding Ideas

    Hey, my trendiest! If you like fashion and follow the latest trends, you already know that the color of 2015 is marsala. This beautiful color has lots of shades – more reddish, more brownish or greyish ones, so you’ll definitely find the shade that is perfect for you. I’ve prepared a (more…)

56 Romantic Heart-Themed Wedding Ideas

    Hearts are perfect for any wedding décor, from rustic to glam, from Christmas to a Valentine’s Day one! So today I’d like to tell you how to incorporate hearts into your big day in a stylish way. Start from décor: heart garlands, aisle and chair décor, heart balloons, wreaths and pinatas (more…)

27 Valentine’s Day Wedding Table Settings

    If you’ve chosen Valentine’s Day as a theme for your big day, then congratulations! You gonna have one of the most romantic weddings ever! Setting the tables is extremely important to reflect your theme, color scheme and create an atmosphere for your guests. So, what are the ideas for a Valentine’s (more…)

70 Chic Feather Wedding Ideas

    Feathers are fascinating and fun! Add them to your big day, they are suitable for most styles and every season. Glam, art deco, retro and many other types of weddings will be just stunning with such fun feather details. Feathered wedding gowns look very chic and original; you can also go (more…)

40 Yummy Valentine’s Day Wedding Desserts

    Love is sweet! If you’ve already found your Valentine’s Day cake, it’s time to look for some sweets. Believe me, there’s nothing cuter and more adorable than Valentine’s Day desserts! Hearts, pink, red and chocolate – that’s just a quintessence of cuteness! Heart cupcakes and whoopie pies, strawberries in dark and (more…)

43 Valentine’s Day Wedding Shoes To Rock

    If you are going to get married on the February, 14th, then your wedding just has to be the most romantic one! Small details and accessories are the cutest one and always help to create an atmosphere, so today we’ll talk about wedding shoes for such a big day. Valentine’s Day (more…)

55 Soft And Natural Cotton Wedding Ideas

    Cotton flowers are incredible, you just can’t get enough of them! Cotton brings that special warm and cozy touch to any space, so today I’d like to tell you of some ideas to incorporate it into your big day décor. Actually, cotton is perfect for any season from summer to winter (more…)

50 Valentine’s Day Engagement Ideas

    You can say that it’s too early but I know that you, guys, prepare beforehand, so today I’d like to discuss Valentine’s Day engagement ideas. Oh, Valentine’s Day is pure love in itself and having an engagement on such a day is fantastic! Red, pink and hearts – these are three (more…)

31 Fir Branches Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

    Fir trees are symbolic for Christmas and New Year, I just can’t imagine winter holidays without them! If you are planning a holiday or just a winter affair, include decorated fir tree and branches into your décor. You can make a fir table garland, wreath, centerpiece, decorate your chairs and aisle; (more…)

34 Fabulous Gold Wedding Dresses

    What I love is the colored bridal gowns trend! White has always been a traditional bridal color but why not try something more bright and colorful? Pastel and blush dresses, sequin gowns – all these hot clothes is not only very original but also very trendy. Today I’ve prepared a whole (more…)