45 Greenery Wedding Backdrops That Excite

    Greenery is actual at any season, don’t hesitate to use extensively in your décor! Greenery will give your wedding an amazing fresh touch and leave a long-lasting impression. A greenery wedding backdrop is stunning for every wedding style, from a classic black-tie one to a modern minimalist. Leaves, branches, succulents and (more…)

120 Adorable Sweetheart Table Decor Ideas

    A sweetheart table is the main place at your wedding reception and it should excite and highlight your style and theme. Make an accent on your sweetheart table with a sequin tablecloth, lots of flowers and rhinestones. Continue your décor theme using the same colors, textiles and greenery; don’t forget your (more…)

18 Stylish DIY Bridal Buns With Tutorials

via  ducklingsinarow.com     These were ballerinas, who first began to make such hairstyles, as it was comfortable for trainings and looked elegant. Now many girls make their hair like that, a bun is an amazingly elegant hairstyle for every girl, it’s very feminine and always in trend. Today there are lots of variations (more…)

90 Breathtaking Green And Flower Wedding Table Runners

    Green details are cool for every wedding, with any style and in any season because they add that fantastic fresh feeling to your décor. Green or even floral table runners are just stunning! Various leaves and branches will look amazing with candles, such a decoration is perfect for any style from (more…)

34 Wedding Table Runners In Different Styles

    A table runner is a great idea for table décor, it’s an easy and budget-friendly way to continue your decor theme. The most popular idea here is lace or tulle, it looks refined and matches lots of styles. If you are having a rustic affair, try burlap for the table runner, (more…)

100 Beautiful And Tender Spring Wedding Tablescapes

    Spring weddings are so dreamy, inspiring and beautiful! After a long and cold winter it’s so amazing to dive into this sunlight, birds’ songs and enjoy the blossoms! Spring is a tender time, so delicate and soft colors are welcome for décor: lavender, dusted pink, baby blue, mint, cream and white. (more…)

30 Cute Valentine’s Wedding Decor Details

    We’ve already told you of some cool Valentine’s Day Wedding decorations, and today we’ll speak about little details that make your big day so atmospheric. Yeah, here the most popular ideas are hearts and LOVE words as garlands, wreaths, centerpieces and made from different materials. Flower petals, natural flowers, lots of (more…)

50 Ways To Use Brooches For Wedding Decor

    If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve already seen cool brooch bouquets, even DIY ones; but there are lots of ideas to use brooches for your big day. 1. Table and chair décor. You can place some brooches on the tablecloths or table runners, incorporate some into your centerpiece or chair (more…)

41 LOVE letters Wedding Decor Ideas

    There’s no wedding without love! Many couples incorporate this word into their wedding décor in various creative ways, so today I’d like to share some ideas with you. Marquee letters is number one idea here, you can make them yourself and place where you want: from a wedding reception to a (more…)

78 Ways To Use Initials In Your Wedding Decor

    Initials are perfect for personalizing any wedding in any style, and there are lots of creative ways to incorporate them! Giant initials balloons, marquee letters, signs, floral initials, centerpieces – these are the easiest variants to rock. You can also accentuate the zones with initials: your reception tables, or bar or (more…)

Sassy Stripes: 80 Cool Wedding Ideas

    Stripes are perfect for various wedding themes, from beach to art deco, and many weddings can be elegantly accentuated with striped touches. I’m going to inspire you with amazing stripes today! The most popular color scheme here is black and white or navy and white but feel free to go for (more…)

65 Cute Polka Dot Wedding Ideas

    Hey, guys, it’s 2015 and we continue sharing various ideas for your weddings! Today I’d like to tell you of polka dots, so cute and fun! Dressing up into a polka dot wedding gown is an original decision, the polka dots can be white or black – it looks extremely elegant; (more…)