13 DIY Brooch Wedding Bouquets That You Can Make

via  projectwedding.com     I’d like to continue the brooch bouquet theme, and to be practical I’d like to share the tutorials of them with you. Actually, the most important part of every such tutorial is gathering your brooches – here everything is up to you and your imagination: vintage or modern ones; then (more…)

95 Brooch Wedding Bouquets That Will Strike You

    Every bride holds a bouquet, and it’s a very important thing that helps to complete your bridal look. If you are looking for something special, go for a brooch bouquet. God, I just can’t help admiring this cuteness! Colorful, eye-catching and exquisite brooch bouquets just take your breath away! The advantages (more…)

11 Creative DIY Wedding Guest Books

11 Creative DIY Wedding Guest Books

via  dreamgreendiy.com     There’s no wedding without a guest book, all the guests should write down their names and maybe some wishes for the newlyweds. You can buy it or make something special and personalize it as you wish. As it’s fall, why not go for nature theme and paint a big tree (more…)

40 Soft Gothic Wedding Ideas: Dramatic and Chic

    Halloween is close and dramatic weddings just can’t be more popular than now. If you’ve chosen Halloween theme but don’t want to go for all those red and black vampire and Addams-inspired things, try soft Gothic! Soft Gothic is amazingly chic and stylish: it’s like a Goth affair but more glam (more…)

30 Ideas To Handle Rain On Your Big Day

    Rain on your big day means luck! Chloe began this theme with beautiful rainy wedding photos, and I’d like to tell you of some practical ideas to handle the rain. First of all, take umbrellas. These pieces are necessary not only for you but also for your bridesmaids and all guests (more…)

40 Exciting Rainy Wedding Photo Ideas

    If it rains on your big day, and even if I didn’t expect that, don’t be upset! Rain is romantic and it can make your wedding special and charming if you handle it right. I’ve rounded up some wedding photos that just blew my mind and I’m looking forward to sharing (more…)

80 Adorable Black And Gold Wedding Ideas

    Black and gold is a classic color combo, it’s especially actual in fall and winter. If you’ve chosen this color scheme, your wedding is gonna be very elegant, maybe with art déco or glam touches. Black and gold for an outfit are ideal – black or gold shoes, black and gold (more…)

32 Chic Black Wedding Cakes That Excite

    Goth and Halloweddings can’t be more popular than in fall right before Halloween! And, of course, black is on top here – black wedding dresses, black bridesmaids’ dresses, black table settings, nails and shoes. And what would you say to a black wedding cake? Unexpected? Then try it! Yes, black wedding (more…)

41 Gorgeous Black Wedding Dresses To Rock

    I think that black is new white for brides, and the opinion that black is only for offbeat or Goth brides isn’t right. A black wedding dress can be very glam and elegant if you like. Many modern designers include this color into their collections and you can find a wonderful (more…)

Pets At Weddings: 63 Cutie Ideas

    Many of us have pets – I think even most of us. How to incorporate your pet into your big day? Oh, the cutiest idea is to make save the dates with your pet holding a sign with your date! Or you can just hold your pet to show that he (more…)

45 Stunning Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

    Continuing the theme of Halloweddings, I’d like to tell of centerpieces today as every table of your reception needs one. The most traditional idea for every wedding is flowers but as you’ve chosen Halloween theme, I’d advise you dark red or purple flowers, maybe even blue or black ones. All kinds (more…)

40 Dramatic Halloween Wedding Table Settings

    When I think about Halloween weddings, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘dramatic’ as the colors that are traditional for such celebrations really impress. Black and white are the hottest colors for any elegant table setting and to hint on Halloween you can add skeletons, skulls, bats and (more…)