9 DIY Wedding Signs For Every Wedding

via  ahandcraftedwedding.com     Signs are great for décor, to pint to some areas of things you want. LOVE signs are great for reception décor, simple wooden signs are cool for rustic weddings, you can just nail them to the trees to point to the dance floor, dessert table, reception or any other place. (more…)

21 Stylish Mother Of The Bride Dresses

    Don’t forget about your parents on your big day – it’s their party, too! The mother of the bride is really a special person, she gave birth to the main heroine of this day. That’s why she should look perfect, and we’ve rounded up some elegant and trendy dresses for you (more…)

How To Style Your Wedding Napkins: 80 Ideas

    Styling your reception you think of centerpieces, tablecloths and table runners, menus and placemats but don’t forget the napkins! Accessorizing them is a good idea to highlight your style and complement the table décor. Consider your wedding style and style the napkins accordingly: for a rustic celebration add twine, twigs and (more…)

55 Original Wedding Menu Ideas

    Attention to details is key to success in any deal, and especially if it’s wedding décor! The smallest details will help to create the atmosphere and highlight the style, that’s why today we’ll talk about displaying a wedding menu. You’ve already chosen the food and it’s time to tell about it (more…)

37 Fall Wedding Boutonnieres For Every Groom

    Fall is a very romantic season, warm weather, sun, which is not very bright, beautiful fall leaves around you and even rain is so sweet, when you are standing in it together! Fall wedding florals are rather special as they reflect a special color palette: orange, dark purple, chocolate brown, red (more…)

50 Creative Ways To Use Mason Jars On Your Big Day

    Got a lot of mason jars that you don’t need? Guys, I’ve found so many creative ways to use them for your wedding decor! Mason jars are ideal as centerpieces – just add some water, flowers and stones on the bottom! You may paint it or leave as it is – (more…)

37 Exquisite All-White Wedding Cakes

    Ready for all-white perfection? Look at these eye-candies! These are all-white cakes for any wedding and any style. White is a traditional color for a big day, and why not order the main dessert in this color? It looks very refined, no matter, what decorations you choose: rhinestones, ribbon, edible flowers, (more…)

41 Wedding Bouquet Handles And Holders

    Continuing the topic of wedding bouquet décor, I’d like to share some cool handles and holders with you. Handles and holders are steadier and support the bouquet better, it’s very comfy if you have a big one or a creative shape like a cascade bouquet. The most popular handle is a (more…)

22 DIY Wedding Bouquets For Every Bride

via  somethingturquoise.com     Today Chloe and I decided to round up some cool ideas connected with bouquets, and I’ve found awesome bouquet tutorials that will help you to make a bouquet of your dream without any professional help. Making a bouquet yourself is great because you can personalize it as you like and (more…)

50 Comfort Without Sacrifices: Gorgeous Bridal Flats

    Today more and more brides choose flats because they want comfort and style at once. Walking and dancing the whole day is much easier without heels, especially if you are not used to them. Today you can find so many pretty flats for any taste and of any color, that there’s (more…)

28 Yummy Pancake Wedding Cakes

    Let them eat cake! There’s no wedding without desserts and a delicious cake! If you are looking for a non-traditional cake or an alternative one, have a look at pancake wedding cakes. There are so many advantages! A pancake cake is so yummy; I feel my mouth water when I look (more…)

100 Bow Tie Groom Looks To Get Inspired

    Bow ties look stylish and are very trendy today, so think of a pretty bow tie for your groom, and maybe groomsmen also. The options with a bow ties are endless: with and without jackets, with and without vest and suspenders. A bow tie means classic elegance for most of you (more…)