50 Unique Boutonnieres For Grooms And Groomsmen

    There’s no groom without a boutonniere! But should they be ordinary, of flowers and leaves? Of course, no! I’ve prepared some awesome ideas that every groom will consider original, and I hope that you’ll find your unique one. Love Star Wars? Take an Imperial trooper as a boutonniere! Having a seaside (more…)

63 Creative And Cute Wedding Placemats for Every Style

    A placemat is a necessary thing for every wedding table decor, it helps you to accentuate your table setting and it’s a great idea in case you don’t use tablecloths or don’t like table runners. Choose placemats that continue your wedding style and colors, or on the contrary go for a (more…)

48 Offbeat Wedding Dresses To Swoon Over

    We talk a lot about classical and modern wedding ideas, so I decided to change the direction a bit today and go wild! I’ve rounded up some fantastic offbeat bridal dresses that will inspire you to go super creative. If you don’t want to go for classical white, try some awesome (more…)

64 Summer Bridal Shower Ideas You’ll Love

    We got used to prepare for the showers, parties and weddings beforehand, that’s why we are beginning the summer wedding theme so early, and today we’ll talk about summer bridal showers. A summer bridal shower is a fantastic party with lots of fun, tasty fruit and sweets and edible flowers. If (more…)

54 Romantic Beach Engagement Photo Ideas

    I think there’s no better place for an engagement session than a beach. It’s beautiful at any time, romantic and you will have a great time there! I’ve prepared my favorite beach engagement pictures for you to get inspired, they are full of marine romance. If you are able to wake (more…)

32 Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses For Every Bride

    It’s spring and short sleeved wedding gowns are in the spotlight as ideal for spring and summer affairs. I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous ones for you to see that you can really find any model in any style. Short and long, minimalist and boho chic, retro or super sexy, with (more…)

40 Stylish White Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    As opposed to the watercolor and floral trends, this year there’s another huge one – all-white weddings. White bridesmaids’ gowns are one of the trendiest things this year, and though there’s a rule that no girl except for the bride should wear white, break it! White bridesmaids’ dresses are an awesome (more…)

27 Dreamy Watercolor Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Do you want your bridesmaids to look like forest fairies? If yes, then choose watercolor gowns for them. Watercolor and floral at the same time is one of the best ideas for spring and summer bridesmaids, and this is one of the huge trends of this year. Take a look at (more…)

57 Extremely Elegant Navy And White Wedding Ideas

    Nautical and beach weddings have become a huge trend, and many couples are looking for a great beaches to tie the knot. What about the colors that you will rock? We’ve already told you of navy and gold or silver but navy and white shouldn’t be forgotten! Navy and white is (more…)

16 Easy DIY Photo Projects For Your Wedding

via  rocknrollbride.com     Photos are the best ones to memorize the best moments of our lives and the people that we love most! If you’ve been following us lately, you’ve some cool Polaroid ideas that you may use for you big day. But what a wedding without something handmade? I’ve prepared photo DIYs (more…)

41 Trendy Origami Wedding Ideas

    Origami is a very romantic trend that has appeared in the recent years and has already become super popular. Making cute paper cranes unites the guests and relatives even before the wedding, and such hangings and chandeliers look very impressive both indoors and outdoors. How else can you rock paper cranes (more…)

53 Watercolor Wedding Cakes That Really Inspire

    Watercolor is one of the hottest trends today, its delicateness and subtleness remind of great works of impressionists. This is one of the best ideas for a spring or summer wedding as light and subtle hues will make your big day especially romantic. We’ve already told you of beautiful watercolor wedding (more…)