44 Creative Ways To Use Polaroid for Your Wedding

    Polaroids are fun and give your wedding a chic retro touch. How can you include them into decor? There are lots and lots of creative ideas! For example, make a banner of them and hang it over your reception or just hang them all on some board and put it anywhere (more…)

15 DIY Spring Wedding Favors To Excite Your Guests

via  intimateweddings.com     Having a spring affair and puzzling over what to give to your guests? I’m here to help you! Spring is time when nature is waking up, so why not give your guests potted herbs or succulents? You can take vintage tea cups instead of pots, or decorate the planters in (more…)

33 Floral Printed Bridesmaid Dresses

    For me fresh flowers symbolize the coming of spring that I’m looking forward too so much. Of course, fresh flowers are an indispensable part of every wedding décor, and you can also rock floral patterns in your outfits, for example, dress up your girls in floral gowns. A floral bridesmaid’s dress (more…)

30 Spring Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

    Guys, if you are invited to a spring wedding and are puzzling what to wear, we’ve got a whole pile of awesome ideas for you! It’s a spring affair, so forget black and pay attention to brights: green, yellow, fuchsia, blue and red. A floral dress just can’t be more natural (more…)

54 Cute Ruffle Wedding Cakes To Excite You

    If you ask me what cake design is the cutest one, I’d say – ruffled! Ruffled cakes are the most romantic and beautiful ones for every type of wedding, such a cake not only looks as a masterpiece but also tastes the same! Ruffles can be of any color, you can (more…)

55 Vintage Door Wedding Backdrops

    On your big day lots of things matter: your outfits, decorations and lots and lots of other things, and I’d say that a backdrop is one of the most important ones. An old door can become an amazing backdrop for various parts of your big day: from your ceremony to a (more…)

43 Cool Spring Bridal Shower Ideas

    Getting ready for your bridal shower? Ah, spring showers are so adorable! Spring is the time when everything is in blossom, there are lots of sunlight and it’s so cool to stay outside, so a spring bridal shower is an event full of romance and fresh flowers that will be definitely (more…)

50 Romantic Candle Lanterns For Your Wedding

    I decided to continue the lantern theme that Mia raised yesterday but this article is all about candle lanterns. Candles are a perfect thing for creating a cozy, comfy and romantic atmosphere anywhere but candle lanterns are even better for your big day because they are safe in using and in (more…)

50 Paper Lantern Ideas For Your Wedding

    Paper lanterns are awesome for both indoor and outdoor wedding décor because they create that special romantic atmosphere. They are very easy to DIY, so you’ll save a part of your wedding budget making them yourself. White lanterns are the most common ones but you can also continue your wedding color (more…)

64 Driftwood Wedding Decor Ideas To Rock

    Natural décor is luxurious and fits every wedding theme and season. Today I’d like to inspire you with a whole bunch of adorable décor ideas with driftwood. Driftwood is amazing, first of all, for beach weddings but you can also add such a chic natural touch to almost any wedding: a (more…)

16 Chic DIY Floral Wedding Centerpieces

via  swoonedmagazine.com     A wedding centerpiece is typically a flower arrangement, with some additions or without as fresh flowers are actual at any time and for any wedding theme. If you don’t want to hire a florist but to get wonderful and stylish centerpieces, you’ll love the ideas I’ve prepared for you! Making (more…)

Flowers Hanging Overhead Wedding Reception: 37 Ideas

    Flowers are the most traditional decoration for any wedding: centerpieces, garlands, backdrops and so on – they are everywhere. But what would you say to a more original way of decorating with them? I’ve found an adorable idea: flowers hanging overhead your reception – isn’t that gorgeous? Such a decoration is (more…)