Wedding Desserts: 20 Delicious Cupcakes With Stunning Looks

    Your big day is coming, and you are still not sure about desserts to make? Cupcakes are tasty classics that every wedding needs because they are small and delicious and you can bake various ones to choose from. As it’s a very special day, everything should be awesome…

How To Include Blackberries Into Your Wedding: 35 Examples

    Blackberries are a cool and refined idea not only for summer but also for late summer and fall weddings – they look so eye-catching and luxurious! If you love the taste, you can add them everywhere – into drinks, signature cocktails, cupcakes, cakes, desserts, starters. They are awesome not only inside, (more…)

32 Ways To Incorporate Pears Into Your Wedding

    Pears are a cute symbol of fall, just like pumpkins and apples and they can add originality to your decor because not many couples choose them. Pears are a tasty dessert or favors – just cover them with chocolate, caramel or nuts, and voila. Pears can be also a great decoration (more…)

Wedding Appetizers: 25 Delicious Recipes With Bacon

    Bacon is delicious! It’s suitable not only for tasty breakfasts but also for special occasions like a wedding. Making appetizers with bacon is really easy because it’s tasty itself – just take bacon slices and wrap some fall fruits – pears, apples or maybe peaches, then grill a bit.

13 Creative Embroidery Hoop Wedding DIYs

via     We’ve just told you of some ideas to use embroidery hoops on your big day, and today I’m sharing DIYs that you can easily realize yourself. Actually, stitching is the most popular DIY here, and you just leave your art piece in the hoop and hang it wherever you like. (more…)

Wedding Appetizers: 24 Easy Deviled Eggs Recipes

    Eggs can become a great appetizer if they are deviled! Deviled eggs are a budget-savvy and tasty starter that will surprise your guests easily. Choose a filling or make a whole variety of fillings: pickled onion and cucumbers, bacon, feta, cream cheese, turkey, chicken, herbs, lobster, shrimps…

Real Paradise: 57 Bali Destination Wedding Ideas

    It’s fall and it’s getting a bit chilly, leaves are changing their colors and I’m sure that some of you are missing summer already. That’s why I’ve decided to spoil you with dreamy photos of the most fantastic destination ever – Bali! When I first saw these venues, I just thought, (more…)

35 Ways To Use Embroidery Hoops In Wedding Decor

    Even if you don’t like embroidering, you can still take embroidery hoops and use them for cool wedding decor. Attach lace to them and hang as a backdrop for your reception, photo booth or dessert table. Use embroidery hoops for menus, favors, table decor or making wreath with flowers and ribbon. (more…)

Wedding Appetizers: 25 Savory Bites For Any Taste

    A couple of savory bites is a cool idea for any occasion, and of course, a wedding is no exception. Stuffed mushrooms, fruit wrapped with bacon, mini pizzas and beef or salmon on cucumber slices – here you’ll find DIY recipes for any taste. Vegan and gluten-free versions included, check this (more…)