40 Romantic Lavender Wedding Ideas

    Lavender brings romance at once, it’s an ideal theme and decor for your wedding. Whether it’s Provence or any other lavender place, your wedding is gonna be refined and effortlessly chic. If you are still hesitating, I’ll easily prove that lavender is stunning for any spring or summer wedding. Lavender Fields     Such fields (more…)

41 Edgy Marble Wedding Cakes

    Marble is an expensive material, which always brings a chic and luxurious touch anywhere it’s used, and the same can be said about marble print. Marble print is used everywhere, from home decor to weddings, and today I’m gonna share one of the hottest trends in the wedding world: marble wedding (more…)

34 Cute Pink Touches For A Valentine Wedding

    Pink is a girlish color that may not completely fit wedding decor but adding some touches of blush, dusty pink, fuchsia and hot pink is a great idea to make your decor stunning. pink mixed with ivory, red or gold looks cool and eye-catching, and it symbolizes sweet love. Flowers     Floral decor in (more…)

38 Yummy Macaron Ideas For Your Wedding

    Macarons are our favorite sweets of all times! Besides being really tasty, they look amazing and bring that light elegant French touch to everything. If you decided to incorporate them into your wedding, there are a lot of types of macarons and several ways to do that. Macaron-Topped Wedding Cakes     Choose any cake (more…)

43 Black Tie Wedding Ideas

    A black tie wedding means pure elegance and style, whatever touches or additional details you choose: garden, glam, modern, vintage or minimalist. Black tie is an amazing theme for those who want a formal wedding, your big day decor will look timelessly chic. Black Tie Looks     Black tie wedding looks should be (more…)

36 New Year’s Eve Bridal Shower Ideas

    New Year parties are the most sparkling and cheerful ones, that’s why choosing New Year’s Eve for a bridal shower or a wedding is a cool idea. Black, white, pink or fuchsia and gold are the most popular colors for such hen parties. Pink, ivory and gold will look airy and (more…)

22 Strapless Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Thinking over how to dress up your girls? Here’s a brilliant idea! Strapless dresses will look elegant and timeless, they come in all shades and patterns, so you’ll easily find an appropriate option. Aqua sweetheart ones for a seaside wedding, black maxi ones for a classic black and white wedding, delicate (more…)

The Best Ideas Of October 2016

Hey, guys! This roundup is dedicated to the best wedding ideas of October, and in case you’ve missed some of them, just take a look and get inspired! 40 Stunning Winter Wedding Lights 41 Bridal Couple Outfits For Same Sex Weddings 29 Groom Couple Outfits For Same Sex Weddings 44 Lush Floral Wedding Ideas That…

31 Winter Wedding Decorations That You’ll Like

    Winter wedding season is coming closer and closer and most of you have already chosen everything. It’s high time to add some cute touches to the decor, some last beautiful details that will set up the mood. We’ve prepared some awesome ideas today, I’m sure that you’ll find something useful for (more…)

40 Stunning Winter Wedding Lights

    Winter weddings are amazing, they have a fantastic holiday feel! To make such a wedding even more stunning and memorable, you should use the lights right, and today I’m going to share some ideas that are sure to strike everyone. Wedding Backdrops And Aisles     Your ceremony will be the most gorgeous one (more…)

22 Night Wedding Ideas That Strike

    Want to have a night ceremony? Thinking over having a night reception or not? Get inspired by the ideas we’ve prepared, and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed and you’ll decide to have it! Ceremony Spot Decor     Ceremony spots look so magical at night, just look at them! Lit with candles, lights, unique (more…)

20 Flirty Cold Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    We’ve already shared some off the shoulder wedding gowns, and today we are going to tell you about another dress trend similar to that one: cold shoulder wedding gowns. These are like off the shoulder ones but the point is that there’s a sleeve and shoulders are opened, it looks very (more…)