28 Getting Ready Bridal Outfits That Wow

Whether you are a bride getting ready for her wedding or going to have a boudoir shoot, you will need a gorgeous outfit, in which you’ll feel confident, sexy and stylish. I can’t wait to share some awesome ideas you may like, dip into beauty!

Lingerie With/ Without A Robe

The most popular and often worn option is lingerie and a matching or coordinating robe. It can be a lace bra and bottom worn with a robe over them, a sexy lace bodysuit and a robe or a plain lingerie set with some contrasting robe over it. You can also skip robes and go for a lovely lace romper, a delicate silk lingerie set with shorts or a very sexy sheer and lace applique bodysuit showing off your curves. There are many more ideas of various colors, though brides often prefer ivory or white, you can try blush, mauve, black, pink and many other colors, and there are more modern plain outfits and more romantic lace ones – it’s up to you!


If you ask me, there’s nothing more comfortable than pajamas, and getting ready for your wedding ceremony in them is a cool idea for two reasons: comfort and feeling confident, which is extremely important. Choose a lovely PJ’s set in white, ivory, pink, blush with some cool edging or go for a romantic plain and lace set in a refined color like mauve.

Other Ideas

Don’t like going traditional? Wear a romantic nightdress with lace and a robe or no robe for your getting ready. Rock a swimsuit if you are having a tropical wedding and are getting ready having a swim or a sunbath. Wear a sheer off the shoulder dress or a PJ’s set with a delicate blush sheer top for an edgy touch. Remember – you are always gorgeous, whatever you choose!

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