Fall Wedding Menu Guide With 27 Examples

Fall Wedding Menu Guide With 27 Examples

    Fall is that special season when there is a lot of tasty and very seasonal food – comforting, warming up and delicious! If you are choosing your wedding menu for the fall, just embrace the season! There are tons of dishes that are great for that and can be adapted for vegetarian, gluten-free and many other menus. Let me share some ideas that you may take.


    Fall food is mostly about pairing sweet and savory, which makes it nutrient and comforting enough. Don’t choose hearty food as these are only appetizers and try what’s seasonal! Tomato shooters with various sandwiches are the most popular appetizers – sandwiches can contain lots of various tastes you like. Stuffed mushroom caps with cranberry and sausages, with cheese and other things you like are another great idea. Candied bacon will add a spicy touch to any food, for example, to cheese crisps.


    And again -avoid heavy foods and choose comforting and warm options. Go for red meat or chicken with various sauces, pork with blackberry sauce. If you want something lighter, think of salads with cheeses and apples and butternut squash risotto or pumpkin ravioli, spritz them with pistachios or pecans.

Side Dishes

    The side dishes can be also seasonal: roasted root vegetables, sweet potatoes, candied carrots, garlic herbed mashed potatoes, and green beans. If you choose something heavier, the guests will be too full and may feel uncomfortable.


    A traditional wedding cake isn’t a must and you may easily substitute it with a great dessert table. Place your favorite fall flavors on the table: pumpkin and apple pies, cranberry sauce, warm fig tartlets, donuts, and fall-spiced cakies.

by Mia

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