40 Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes You’ll Love

40 Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes You’ll Love

    A wedding cake is considered a must for any nuptials, it often helps to highlight your wedding theme and style. If you don’t feel like a usual cake and are looking for something really different to stand out on your big day, it’s high time to have a look at some alternative ideas to rock. Let me show you the trendiest and most popular types of wedding cakes that are anything but boring!


    A croquembouche is a French dessert composed of profiteroles piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. It may also be decorated with other confectionery such as sugared almonds, chocolate, and edible flowers. Such a unique dessert is suitable for many wedding themes and styles, not only Provence or Paris, and your wedding needn’t take place in France at all – just add a little of French chic to your big day with a croquembouche.

Pancake And Crepes Wedding Cakes

    This is another popular idea, if we take crepes cakes – these are a French invention again. Such cakes look super yummy and taste the same, they are rather easy to make and you can even do it yourself. If you want some examples, just head over here.

Cannoli Wedding Cakes

    Cannoli are an Italian dessert, so here we go with Italian flavors! Cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta, and can range in size. This is really a unique solution, which will help you stand out plus cannoli are delicious, whatever filling and topping you choose.

Ice Cream Wedding Cakes

    Serving ice cream is a great idea for a hot summer, spring or tropical wedding, it’s a perfect way to refresh your guests. But you can also rock a gorgeous and delicious ice cream wedding cake! This is a tasty idea that will help you and your guests stay cool and you can incorporate all your favorite ice cream types into your cake in layers.

Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

    Cheesecakes are loved by everyone, and more and more couple choose to serve them at their weddings. Try a cheesecake wedding cake with your favorite flavor and enjoy your favorite dessert on your big day – who needs a traditional cake? look for some tasty examples here.

Donut Wedding Cakes

    Donuts are extremely popular for weddings today because they are budget-friendly and tasty. Many couples choose to create a donut wall, and you can also rock a donut wedding tower instead of a traditional cake. Choose different glazings and toppings and enjoy!

Millefoglie Wedding Cakes

    A millefoglie or mille-feuille wedding cake is a dessert that is traditional for France and Italy. There are many thin layers of pastry with different types of cream or jam, so the taste is very delicate. If you like this type of cake, why not rock it on your big day? Besides an amazing taste, it looks awesome!

Macaron Wedding Cakes

    Macarons are delicious! If you love them, make sure to incorporate these yummies into your big day menu, add a bit of French chic to your wedding. Besides wedding favors and just desserts, you can rock a macaron wedding tower instead of a traditional cake – it looks just wow! Look here for some ideas.

by Chloe

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