30 Naked Cakes For Spring Weddings

30 Naked Cakes For Spring Weddings

    Naked wedding cakes became a hot trend several years ago because of their yummy and cool look, and now we can say that they are here to stay. More and more couples are choosing such cakes, and if you want one for your spring nuptials, here are some ideas that may inspire you.

Drip Naked Wedding Cakes

    Drip cakes are another hot trend, and they look even more delicious! Combine two trends in one cake and you’ll get a cool confectionary piece. Choose the drip according to your taste and wedding colors, as it’s spring we recommend something pastel. Top the cake with blooms, greenery and macarons, and here’s your masterpiece ready!

Naked And Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes

    If you want more simplicity, choose a naked or a semi-naked wedding cake and decorate it as you like. A popular idea is to stick only to greenery and no blooms, this way your cake will get a fresh spring look. another way is to go classics with blooms, succulents, thistles and even cacti. Fresh fruits, berries and nuts are welcome to make the cake more enjoyable. Get inspired!

by Chloe

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