3 Tips And 20 Ideas To Display Your Wedding Cake

3 Tips And 20 Ideas To Display Your Wedding Cake

    Let them eat cake! A wedding cake isn’t just a dessert your serve at your reception, it’s a way to add to decor, to highlight your style and colors. Besides a wedding cake, you’ll need to show the cake off with a cool display or stand. How to do that? Here are some tips and examples.

Where To Display

    Consider the location of your wedding cake: make sure that no one is walking past and the cake is still seen very well. Make sure that your cake isn’t placed in front of a window as it may deteriorate quicker. Don’t put your cake in front of a fire extinguisher or a door either. Avoid the dance floor as active guests may end up too close to the cake or even ruin it. If it’s an outdoor wedding and it’s very sunny and hot, it’s better to bring it out as late as possible and keep the bugs away.

The Cake Table

    Your venue will provide a table and a tablecloth plus a cake knife but if you have something special in mind, bring it all with you. If you are using a tablecloth, it should be clean, ironed and long enough to reach the floor all the way round the table. Light up your wedding cake but not too much: make sure that the light is not harsh enough to cause the icing to melt. Highlight the cake table with floral or greenery decor, serve some more desserts here if you want.

Cake Stands

    Your cake stand should be stable and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your cake. Make sure that your stand matches the style and theme of your wedding and that it’s clean and polished. Make sure that your stand has a proper size and maybe even shape to fit the cake. Enjoy!

by Mia

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