25 Winter Drip Wedding Cakes

25 Winter Drip Wedding Cakes

    Drip wedding cakes are extremely popular now, and they are chosen for any kinds of weddings with lots of styles and themes because of their super yummy look. As the winter wedding season is very close, it’s high time to have a look at the coolest drip wedding cakes for winter weddings.

Semi-Naked And Naked Wedding Cakes

    Naked and semi-naked wedding cakes are another hot trend, and blending several trends in one cake is a brilliant idea. Rock a tasty naked or semi-naked wedding cake with chocolate, caramel, cream cheese or any other drip, add pinecones, evergreens, greenery and blooms and of course some fruits and berries you like – candied oranges, clementines, cranberries and so on.

Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

    If you don’t feel like a usual wedding cake, there are a couple of tasty ideas for your wedding, too. A budnt cake is a popular piece for winter holidays, and you can get a couple of them for your wedding, too! Cinnamon roll and pancake cakes are also welcome, and adding thistles, herbs, cranberries and herbs to them will make them look more winter-like. Don’t forget the drip! Chocolate, salty caramel, cream and many other ideas can be realized for your unusual cake.

Frosted Wedding Cakes

    Frosted wedding cakes look cooler and more modern with drip. It can be a matte black cake for a moody wedding, it can be a chocolate cake or an eggnog one. Top it with berries, evergreens, pinecones and herbs, add marshmallows, edible snowflakes, crushed candy cones and gingerbread cookies on top, and your cake will be amazing! Get inspired.

by Chloe

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