53 Delicious Mini Wedding Desserts To Enjoy

Wedding cakes and all that traditional stuff getting less and less popular and mini, individual and bite size wedding desserts are taking their place. Why so? That saves money and that’s comfortable, besides serving a lot of different bites you can please everyone. Here are the coolest ideas to try.

Mini Tarts

Let’s start from my personal favorite – mini tarts. Tarts and tartlets with fresh fruits and berries are refined classics that will make everyone happy. Such desserts are perfect for any wedding, they can be served with various fillings and fruits, and you may go for gluten-free and dairy-free options and of course some vegan solutions.

Mini Cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are everyone’s love! They can be styled as bite size ones, they can be mousse cheesecakes and you may also go for cheesecakes in jars. There are all kinds of cheesecakes you can imagine – from chocolate to pineapple and you may top them with a lot of different stuff, for example, chocolate chips.

Desserts In Jars

Desserts in jars are adorable – soft, tender and delicious. These can be puddings of all kinds, panna cotta, tiramisu or mousse, with fresh berries, fruits, compote, chocolate sauce, salted caramel and so on. This is a sophisticated idea for any wedding and any season.

Other Desserts

What other bite size pieces can you serve? Cupcakes, mini cakes, macarons, whoopie pies, mini bundt cakes and all other sweets just done in smaller size. Get ready to have your mouth watered!

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