37 Wedding Pizza Ideas You Should Try

I must confess: I love pizza! If you do love pizza like me, you can easily make it the signature food at your wedding, even if not, add it to the menu at least. How to organize a nice pizza bar or station? How to incorporate pizza-themed decor in your wedding? We’ll answer these and some other questions below.

How To Make A Wedding Pizza Bar Or Station?

The best idea is hiring a caterer with a pizza truck or something like that, so that you knew that pizza is super fresh and could order whatever you like. Even if you don’t want a pizza truck, you can place a pizza oven and hire a professional and then organize a pizza bar where the pizzaiolo will put everything that is cooked. The idea is pretty simple: you organize a large stand according to the style of your wedding and serve all the pizzas you want there. It can be a rustic or usual table or any other stand you want, and the pizzas can be served on cutting boards, paddles or some other stands, though I’d recommend stands where you pizzas are slowly warmed up. If there’s not much space, use tiered stands that will allow serving several pizzas on a single stand. Decorate your wedding pizza bar with greenery, fresh veggies and blooms, place some dressings, spices and herbs to make each pizza delicious.

What Other Pizza Wedding Ideas To Try?

Go for fun pizza slice decor on the tables and everywhere else you want. Rock pizza-themed fun signs throughout the venue. Try a large ‘just married’ pizza instead of a wedding cake or in addition to it. Offer your guests some pizza boxes to pack what’s left and take home. Go for edible mini pizza favors to make everyone happy. Get more pizza and have much fun at your wedding, guys!

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