30 Mouth-Watering Cinnamon Bun Wedding Cakes

Who doesn’t love fresh cinnamon buns, guys? I think they are everybody’s love, and having them at your wedding is a great crowd-pleasing idea. But you may serve them not just on your dessert table, you may substitute your usual wedding cake with them! A cinnamon bun stack wedding cake has a couple of advantages: you save money on that (especially if you DIY it), you have a delicious cake that most of your guests will enjoy, you get a non-traditional and out-of-the-box dessert.

Cinnamon bun stacks are usually arranged in tiers like a traditional wedding cake, or if you have a small wedding, it can be just a single large cinnamon wedding cake. Frosting or icing is required, it will make your cake much tastier and catchier – you know that dripping detailing is trendy for wedding cakes. How to top your cake? With caramel, with cinnamon sticks, with fresh and dried blooms, greenery, succulents, berries and everything else that you could put on a usual wedding cake. Having a lot of guests? Serve more than one cake or serve additional cinnamon buns around to make everyone happy! Now take a look at some ideas and feel your mouth watering!

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