26 Delicious Winter Wedding Food Ideas

26 Winter Wedding Food Ideas

    Winter wedding season is coming soon, and you still haven’t chosen a proper menu for your wedding? Here we are to help you! This roundup is full of advice to create a perfect winter wedding menu considering all the necessary points to make your guests happy and comfortable at the same time.

Cocktail Hour

    If you’re going to have a cocktail hour at your nuptials, offer bite-sized amounts of favorite comfort foods: demi forks with pasta favorites, like seafood ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs, or mini panini on sticks.
    As for drinks, remember that it’s winter and think of something warming up: mulled wine, heavier beers like stouts, or even ice wines. Don’t forget the seasonal options of hot chocolate, apple cider, or the easy-to-please tea and coffee options, which are also great for kids and non-drinkers.

Warming Starters

    Nothing beats a hearty or a creamy soup: serve a spicy tomato soup with crusty garlic ciabatta, or an earthy wild mushroom soup with rosemary and thyme rolls, or unique concoctions like Guinness and gouda cheese soup. As for the salads, you can never go wrong with the classic cranberry, pear, walnut, and goat’s cheese salad on a bed of tender greens, go for various options based on these ingredients and add your own ones.

Main Course

    Popular wedding menu ideas for winter include prime cuts of beef like filet mignon, seafood options like baked salmon. Another option is to serve your guests a family-style roast – perfect for sharing and getting everyone cozy. Think of gorgeous golden pastry stuffed to the brim with braised beef and slow-roasted vegetables. Couples looking for vegetarian options can offer non-meat-eating guests, such as pasta dishes like cheese-stuffed ravioli.


    Go for a seasonal fruit tart with thick clotted cream and steaming custard or warm pudding with vanilla bean custard, or decadent crème brûlée served with hot espresso. Don’t forget to serve hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate for them to sip on, and consider alcoholic dessert drinks laced with the heavier liqueurs like Bailey’s Irish Cream. Add coziness with a hot chocolate station or a DIY roasted marshmallow station.

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