14 Cool DIY Bridesmaids’ Gifts

    A bridesmaids’ gift is a special thing as you want the girls to remember of your special day and show how you love them at the same time. That’s why making such a gift with your own hands is the best idea, I think, as you can personalize them. Choosing a gift to make, think what every girl needs.
    Natural cosmetics is kind of luxury, so make natural soaps, scrubs or maybe lip scrub and lip balm – our skin needs care and girls would be happy to get an all-natural beauty product with a delicious smell.
Jewelry is another good idea: a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings is great, memorable and they can wear them during your wedding.
    Accessories, cosmetics and all that stuff need an organizer, so make some easy clutches or pouches for the bridesmaids. Read the tutorials below to find out how to realize these ideas.

by Chloe

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