46 Gorgeous Eucalyptus Wedding Ideas [Part 2]

Eucalyptus, especially silver dollar type, is one of the most loved kinds of greenery for wedding decor, and that’s not surprising: it looks beautiful, it can be paired with all kinds of blooms, greenery and even succulents, it can be used for any wedding style and theme and it brings interest and texture to them. Here are some new and fresh ideas to use our all-time favorite for your wedding decor!

Eucalyptus Wedding Arches And Aisles

If you are going for a non-floral wedding, eucalyptus is ideal to cover your wedding arch, and you won’t need any other types of blooms or greenery – it’s gorgeous by itself! To make your wedding arch more eye-catchy, you can opt for a bold shape, for example, a triangle or a round one. A eucalyptus wall with a neon sign is also a very cool idea to rock, and such a wedding backdrop will look very edgy.

Lining up the aisle with eucalyptus is also a great idea – you may put it in any kinds of vases and if you want a bolder look, pair it up with some blooms or pampas grass.

Eucalyptus Wedding Centerpieces And Table Runners

Eucalyptus is great for creating simple centerpieces and table runners by yourself – you won’t need any professional help. A cluster centerpiece of several clear vases with eucalyptus, a delicate and refined arrangement of white roses and eucalyptus in a mercury glass bottle, a lush eucalyptus table runner dotted with candles in glasses, with pomegranates (for the fall) or succulents and LED lights – these are all gorgeous solutions and they aren’t the only ones.

Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquets

A eucalyptus wedding bouquet is a stylish and chic idea for a minimalist bride – just secure it with some ribbon and go! You may also spruce up your eucalyptus bouquet adding succulents and thistles or add eucalyptus to any existing bouquet for a fresh and modern feel.

Wedding Cakes With Eucalyptus

How to make a very simple and basic wedding cake elegant and refined? Just add a bit of eucalyptus twigs to it! This is perfect natural decor or topper that will raise the look of your cake to the next level, and you can also do it easily yourself. Get inspired!

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