36 Delicious Fruit Wedding Centerpieces

36 Delicious Fruit Wedding Centerpieces

    If you are looking for a creative centerpiece idea, we recommend incorporating fruits and berries into it. Such a solution will be nice for a summer, fall, tropical and spring weddings, everything depends on the arrangement you make. Let’s have a look at the most gorgeous and yummy-looking examples.


    Citrus wedding centerpieces are amazing for tropical and summer weddings, and you may go for oranges, tangerines, kumquats, lemons and mix them all or use just one type of them. Display them in bowls, urns, pallet boxes and glasses, add florals if you want, or just leave the centerpiece as it is – it’s anyway bold. You may also go for beautiful table runners of greenery, bold blooms and cut citrus for a tropical wedding.


    Pomegranates are traditional for fall and winter, this is a cute and bold idea. Make a bold fall centerpiece with blooms and greenery and add pomegranates, or just cut them in halves and display on a silver dish – you needn’t anything else.


    Apples are the coolest and cheapest idea for a fall wedding – embrace the season with such a centerpiece! Put them into a pallet box, display on a vintage tray or in a vintage silver bowl. You may also create a cool floral arrangement and add apples there, or make a boxwood arrangement with apples integrated. Looks cool!

Different Fruits

    Lush fruits and florals will be a gorgeous idea for any centerpiece and table runner. Mix everything you want to leave an amazing impression, choose containers and displays that fit your wedding style. Enjoy the gorgeous ideas below and get inspired!

by Mia

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