main Chic Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

35 Chic Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

35 Chic Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

    If you want to save on the budget, to make some decorations without wasting much money, I have a great idea for you: make lantern centerpieces! A lantern centerpiece doesn’t require much blooms or greenery, so this will save your money. Let’s have a look at the coolest arrangements you can create.

Candle Lantern Centerpieces

    A candle lantern can be surrounded with lush greenery, blooms or just topped with them – you won’t need a lot. Coordinate the blooms with the rest of the decor, if it’s a fall or winter rustic wedding, opt for evergreens, pinecones and red blooms. You can also put the lantern on a stand, or put flowers inside the lantern if the candle is in glass. Another idea is to place candle lanterns on a stack of books, if it’s a vintage or book-lover wedding.

Flower Lantern Centerpieces

    Another idea is to fill the lantern with flowers completely, without any candles at all. Create a lush composition with foliage and blooms, add strands or pearls or crystals and maybe LEDs if you want. you can see some amazing examples below.

by Chloe

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