26 Greenery Wedding Centerpieces That Inspire

26 Greenery Wedding Centerpieces That Inspire

    Greenery decor is very popular for weddings, non-floral decorations look very elegant, fresh and modern being an ideal option for a modern or minimalist wedding. Today we are discussing greenery wedding centerpieces that are all the rage right now, take a look!

Tall Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

    Tall greenery centerpieces are very popular as they stand out a lot and save some table space. These are usually tall clear vases or metallic geometric stands with lush greenery arrangements. Foliage, herbs, greenery and large leaves are welcome to make a statement. If you are going for a tropical wedding, try monstera and banana leaves, if it’s a woodland-themed wedding, prefer ferns, if it’s a Mediterranean wedding, create arrangements of olive branches with olives even.

Usual Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

    A simple and cool greenery wedding centerpiece is also a good idea, it won’t save table space but still is cool paired with candles. A popular idea is greenery arrangements or single branches in small vases or glasses on a tray or wood slice plus candles and photos – looks very intimate and very inspiring. Greenery wreaths with candles, table numbers and decorations inside is another stylish modern idea for table decor. If you want more simplicity, just place some candle holders, photos and decorations and put greenery and foliage in between. Voila!

by Mia

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