48 Dried Palm Leaf Wedding Decor Ideas

Dried blooms, grasses and foliage are a hot wedding trend to rock, they are used everywhere, from boho to modern weddings, they match various color schemes as you can spray paint them, and they won’t wither even if it’s extremely hot or cold. Dried palm leaves (or fronds) are a very edgy idea for those who want to pull off boho style at its best, they match boho, tropical, summer and even fall weddings and look spectacular in any arrangements. We’ve gathered some ideas to get you inspired, take a look!

Dried Palm Leaf Wedding Arches

A wedding arch or an altar can be styled with dried palm leaves and not only – with blooms of various kinds, dried and fresh foliage and much other stuff, too. Basically, dried palm leaves look nice with anything, from bright blooms to neon signs and even if they don’t match, you may always spray paint them. There are many configurations, styles and looks of wedding arches and altars, and dried palm leaves will be nice everywhere.

Dried Palm Leaf Wedding Receptions

How to incorporate dried palm leaves into your wedding reception decor? That’s easy: make wedding centerpieces of them, you may include other blooms and leaves or skip them and stick to only fronds. Make overhead installations using dried palm leaves, pampas grass and blooms in various colors.

Dried Palm Leaf Wedding Cakes

If you need a gorgeous boho wedding cake, make sure to top it with dried palm leaves! While blooms and pampas grass can be seen anywhere, dried fronds, bunny tails and other, more rare grasses or flowers will give it a unique touch. Dried fronds can be paired with anything, from dried and fresh blooms to macarons and drip to achieve a gorgeous look.

Substitutes Of Dried Palm Leaves

Don’t want to buy dried palm leaves but want that edgy look? I have a more budget-friendly version for you – make paper fans that resemble fronds! This is a genius idea that will save you a lot of money, and they look no worse than real leaves. Paint them bold colors, pair them up with real greenery and bright flowers, and you will get fashionable decor without breaking the budget. Get inspired!

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