46 Sunflower Wedding Ideas That Inspire

Sunflowers are bright and fun, they bring a rustic and a cheerful feel to your wedding décor or looks at once. Sunflowers are very affordable and they are often used for summer and fall weddings, these bright yellow shades go well with many other – with neutrals and with dramatic bold tones, too. How to use them for your wedding décor and arrangements with style? Here are some ideas.

Sunflower Wedding Bouquets

Sunflowers can be incorporated into various wedding bouquets in lots of colors: in neutrals, in bright shades like pink, red, purple or blue, in dark shades like deep burgundy, purple or red. They go well with textural greenery, they can be paired with pale succulents or air plants for a more modern look.

Sunflower Wedding Décor

Create cool floral arrangements with sunflowers as centerpieces, aisle or ceremony space décor, table runners and so on. Cover your wedding arch with sunflowers and other blooms and greenery, decorate your wedding signage and other items and spaces with sunflowers for a bright touch. As sunflowers instantly add a rustic feel to the space, you may use them with other rustic touches like wood slices, buckets, baskets and twine and other stuff. Get inspired by more ideas below!

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