43 Shiny Disco Ball Wedding Ideas

There’s nothing screaming party more than balloons and disco balls! If you love partying, if you enjoy everything shiny, I have great news for you – disco balls are back! They can be used for boho weddings, for glam and shiny iridescent weddings and for many others, too. Let me share some beautiful ideas to add a bit of fun to your wedding.

Disco Ball Food And Drinks

Disco balls can top your wedding sweets – cakes and cupcakes to support the mood. They can be also used as drink bowls and as holders for bottles – fill them with ice and voila.

Disco Ball Centerpieces

A disco ball can be used as a vase for a centerpiece, all you need to do is to insert some blooms and greenery there and that’s it! Another idea is to create an arrangement with blooms, foliage and fronds plus some disco balls on the table, looks very creative.

Disco Ball Wedding Decor

Disco balls are great for making wedding backdrops, arches and altars – you can hang them over the space, hang them to the arch or make arrangements of blooms, fronds and disco balls all around. Disco balls make up great overhead wedding installations (that’s a hot trend popping up!), just alone, with flowers, fronds, pampas grass and any other stuff you want. they can be hung over a wedding reception, a dance floor or somewhere else. Get inspired by more bright ideas below and choose what you like!

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