40 Stunning Winter Wedding Lights

40 Stunning Winter Wedding Lights

    Winter weddings are amazing, they have a fantastic holiday feel! To make such a wedding even more stunning and memorable, you should use the lights right, and today I’m going to share some ideas that are sure to strike everyone.

Wedding Backdrops And Aisles

    Your ceremony will be the most gorgeous one you can imagine if you light it up well. You can hang just bulbs or lights for the backdrop, or hang them on the tree branches that are placed along the wedding aisle. If you have an arch or an arbor, cover it with lights. Place floor lamps and light trees everywhere, especially if you are having a winter wonderland wedding. If you have an opportunity, cover the whole ceremony and aisle space with lights creating a ceiling.

Wedding Reception

    Rock a lit up reception! Hang lights here and there, candle lanterns and chandeliers, they will make your reception cozier. Put some candles in holders on the tables and all over the reception; decorate a non-working fireplace with candles. Lights can hang, can be placed on the table or create a backdrop for a dessert table. Have a Christmas tree? Decorate it with lights and ornaments to give your reception a homey feel!

by Chloe

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