40 Macrame Wedding Ideas That Excite

40 Macrame Wedding Ideas That Excite

    Macrame is making a huge comeback! It’s widely used in decor and for different events, too. Today I’d like to show you how to rock this trend for your wedding, and these are, first of all, boho weddings, desert ones, garden and rustic ones but actually it can be used for a wide range of themes and styles. Using macrame is a gorgeous and budget-savvy way to stand out, so let’s consider some ideas.


    Macrame is the most popular thing for a wedding backdrop of any kind: from your ceremony to your dessert table it will be a nice idea. It may be a simple ethereal hanging or a large one interwoven with bold blooms and greenery. You can also create embroidery hoop art with macrame inside for a cool and unusual look.

Table And Chair Decor

    Use macrame tablecloths and table runners for a gorgeous tablescape, they may be also simple ones or interwoven with different flowers, with fringe or not. As for chairs, macrame hangings on them make them stand out – these are not your usual sings and posies!

Bouquet Wraps

    Wrap your bouquet with macrame and leave some fringe hang! This way your bouquet will be not like others, it’s gonna be chic!

Cake Decor

    Your cake can be decorated with macrame or with an unusual macrame topper, and the other details may be blooms, succulents, ribbons and even antlers.

Other Ideas

    Macrame is widely used for hanging different things: a cake display, potted greenery and plants and other stuff. Hang them above your ceremony space or your reception to achieve a unique look.

by Mia

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