39 Floral Alternatives For Your Wedding

Many couples today opt for non-floral weddings, and there are many reasons for that: they don’t like blooms, they want to save some money or they want to have very unusual décor. How to substitute these florals to keep your décor still very trendy and very cool?

Dried Flowers, Grasses, Foliage

Dried blooms, grasses, fronds and other stuff aren’t as expensive as lush fresh florals, and they are a hot trend this year. Dried botanicals will match any wedding décor, from moody to bright and glam and they can be paired with fresh ones, too, to reduce the botanical budget.


Linens are anyway a must for every wedding reception table, and you will have to incorporate them. But you can also incorporate them to skip some florals, for example, a bright table runner can substitute a floral one. Go for bold napkins to match them with the linens and enjoy!


Neon signs are very popular for wedding décor, they bring that playful touch and party vibe to every event. A personalized neon sign can be a nice substitution for a lush wedding arch or altar, it can be a nice backdrop for your reception and you can use it in many more ways. 

Candles And Lanterns

Candles and candle lanterns are wedding classics, and yes, they can be romantic alternatives to any floral décor. They can be used as a wedding centerpieces, to create a wedding altar and candles fit literally any wedding style. Choose the same candles but in various heights, or vary the size of the candle lanterns you are using.


A terrarium is a very trendy idea for wedding décor, and you can rock them as centerpieces, as various décor, even altar décor. Keep them simple using succulents, air plants and greenery, maybe rocks, candles and agates.


Greenery is perhaps the most obvious solution when you are looking for some alternative to florals. Greenery will never go out of style, greenery wedding décor is extremely trendy and there are lots of types of plants that can make your wedding venue stunning. From wedding arches to lush centerpieces, greenery can be used everywhere and it will look very refreshing. 

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