38 Cozy And Cool Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Farmhouse, farm to table, barn and many other rustic weddings seem to be extremely popular as they are very cozy and intimate. If you are planning such an event and need some inspiration on decor for your beautiful day, I’m ready to share some gorgeous rustic wedding centerpieces.

What To Make A Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Of?

A wedding centerpiece is right the piece that creates a mood and an ambience at the table, so it should be cozy and cute. A rustic wedding centerpiece is often composed of blooms and greenery and you may choose any, from rustic ones like sunflowers and baby’s breath to more refined like blush roses or white anemones. Greenery of all kinds and textures is welcome, it will give interest to your centerpiece. As you are having a rustic event, think of truly rustic details like wheat arrangements, fresh veggies and fruits that can be arranged as a table runner with some greenery or herbs.

How To Add A Rustic Feel To Your Centerpiece?

Add a rustic feel to your centerpiece choosing a container for your flower arrangement – a milk churn, a watering can, a basket, bucket, wrap your vase with burlap or use a simple mason jar. Go for wood slices as a stand, a tree stump as a stand for a vase, a candle lantern made of wood, even pinecones and moss for a slight woodland touch. Place some candles – pillar or floating ones to light up your centerpiece or go for a candle lantern decorated with blooms. Get inspired!

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