37 Tree Stump Wedding Decor Ideas

Tree stumps are amazing for wedding decor for two reasons: first, they are very budget-friendly (you get them for free from your family and friends’ gardens) and you can turn them into beautiful decor pieces and second, they bring a cozy rustic feel to any space. Tree stumps can be used for rustic, boho, woodland and many other types of weddings, and here we are answering some questions on how to style a wedding with them.

How To Make A Tree Stump Wedding Altar?

The idea is very easy: you take some tree stumps and stack them on each other forming some construction or constructions. Then you just decorate the altar with various stuff like blooms, greenery, grass, candles and candle lanterns, if it’s fall, you may add pumpkins and fall leaves, if it’s a woodland celebration, you may go for antlers and pinecones. Such an altar is easy to compose and to move whenever you need, for example, if the weather is bad and you decided on an indoor ceremony, you can just move this altar indoors stump by stump.

How To Make A Tree Stump Wedding Centerpiece?

Making a centerpiece of stumps is a super easy DIY. Having a woodland wedding? Take a tree stump and cover it with moss, place some moss balls and candles around and add a table number or just a monogram. Planning a winter celebration? Go for a tree sump as a candleholder stand, some evergreens and pinecones, antlers and gilded twine balls. Turn on your imagination and style tree stumps for your perfect wedding centerpieces depending on the theme and style.

What Tree Stump Wedding Decor To Make?

Decorate your wedding aisle with tree stumps putting vases with blooms on them, that is an easy DIY to style an aisle for a rustic, woodland or boho wedding. Go for beautiful arrangements like your altar, with moss, grass, blooms, pinecones and candles and use them throughout your venue, from your ceremony to reception space and lounge.

How To Style A Wedding Dessert Table With Tree Stumps?

Skip all the usual cake stands and holders and prefer tree stumps instead of them. Place your plates with delicious cookies, candies, cakes and homemade pies on these stumps, put some leaves, greenery, antlers and pinecones on the table, and believe me – such a dessert table won’t be unnoticed! This is another easy DIY that catches an eye. Get inspired!

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