35 Christmas Wedding Centerpieces And Table Garlands

Christmas weddings possess that special charm, coziness, a homey feel that no other weddings have to such an extent. If you are going to tie the knot at Christmas and are looking for some beautiful ideas to embrace the season, the holiday and bring ultimate coziness to the venue, you can find them here, in our roundup.

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Christmas wedding centerpieces are what will create a mood at the table and set the tone in the reception space, so that’s why they are so important. Classic floral centerpieces are nice for Christmas: you may pair up red and white roses, or any red, pink and white blooms you want adding lots of greenery or/ and evergreens. The more textural and lush the centerpiece is, the cooler it will look on the table. How to give it a catchier look? Spruce it up with pinecones, berries, fruits and make it stand out with tall and thin candles or maybe pillars ones around the centerpiece.

Christmas Wedding Table Runners

Sometimes a lush table runner or garland is enough to dress the table up and make it look awesome, and sometimes a table runner is a pretty addition to the centerpiece. What can you try for a Christmas wedding? The most popular idea is an evergreen runner, of course, it’s very Christmassy. You may pair evergreens with greenery, with red roses, white blooms and pinecones, Christmas ornaments and LED lights rocking a matching centerpiece or not. Merry Christmas and have a lovely wedding!

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